reality checks

Monday, November 03, 2008

i'm leaving nxp after one year and a half mostly due to economic situation today. 

although i've been bitching about leaving before, now it's time for real. i think the last 3-4 monts i did complaint quite a lot, so when my manager told rumours about group merger quite some ago it didn't really strucked me. i was kinda accepted my situation, it's a mixed feelings, sad, a little happy, relieved and a bit of pressure came later.

it's sad to leave such a nice and friendly environment, moreover i am so comfortable working here. a little happy and relieved when eventually i can go without feeling much guilty and most of my things-to-do are now crossed off my used-to-be-quite-long list. soon after that the pressure was quite immense realizing that our financial won't be as strong as before. 

job market nowadays quite tough and very competitive. sigh..

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