City gate it was

Thursday, November 15, 2012

One of the most well-known landmarks of Berlin, this is a former city gate or it's famously known as Branderburger Tor.

I'd really like to close Berlin's stories here and now to proceed with other unrelated entries. I thought this is a like a perfect ending, but you're welcomed to browse other photos at my flickr page. The passion towards photography is still burning =) as i recently found a new journey with smart phone.

what i remembered most about this city gate? well, obviously during the 2006 world cup in germany, branderburger tor was a major highlight. bbc put it as their main stage during the coverage and we were amazed at its grandeur display especially during night. one of the world cup editions in which we managed to watch almost all the games, even when i was in hospital due to labour. how can i forget when italy emerged as the eventual winner.

btw, this is the closest shot i managed to get. unlucky for us, there's an ongoing berlin marathon on the day we went to see branderburger tor.
 Brandenburger Tor

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