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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It is such a heartbreaking tragedy in which not only Malaysia but I think the whole world is in the mourning period. 

i may not be one of family members but i have those who are close within my circle directly affected. 
i have an uncle who is a mas pilot.
my husband's in law is a mas stewardess.
my brother underwent maintenance ground training with mas and had a brief exposure with them before left in 2010.

my thoughts and prayer go to the family of those who on board mh370. deepest condolence ;(

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un..

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i look, i see

Friday, March 21, 2014

my mother sent my siblings and i to our quranic reading class near our house when we were young. very near that we only walked to the class and once in a while we ran in order to arrive at earliest.

i still remembered that there was a weekly fardhu ain class, where we had tazkirah sessions and solat berjemaah after that. in one of the classes i was introduced to yusuf islam or previously known as cat steven. my ustazah told us about his journey story embracing islam, and we learnt to sing his song. all i could recall was the first few lines something like these..

A' is for Allah, nothing but Allah
Ba' is the beginning of bismillah

when aaqilah was around a year or something, i was suddenly heard that song playing in my mind. i thought since i was in uk, it'd be easier to get the cd. so i was searching for that particular cd on amazon uk, and finally bought one based on the reviews that i've read about it. why i just didn't google the lyric back then.. duh.. ironically the imported cd was all the way from malaysia.

i didn't find the same song in the cd, but my kids really enjoy most of the songs until now. even they have their favourite playlist and make me play them over and over again. from aaqilah, to natalia and will be passing to sufi one day..

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gary blauman

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

there'll be one more episode before the 1 hour finale on 31 March.

How I Met Your Mother is bidding adieu after the 9 year journey. hence, most of my 9 years has been spent with the himym gang on a weekly basis and 9 years is quite a long duration. from my mid twenties until now (not yet mid thirties), we live, eat and sleep with the show. wah, dasatlah haha

in my case himym came out at the right time when i wasn't really attached to any show except bleach, honey and clover, yakitate japan, just naming a few anime series that i got stuck onto during that time. by that time means i was a housewife back then. we were young parents with a baby girl and still adapting to family life adjustments. o.h was a full-time student, and boy, life was simple and quite easy.

as time passes us by, the show itself has it's own ups and downs. sometimes it's not accelerating at good pace, there's time when i just watched it because it's himym. personally for me, himym has been a very good companion and watching it every tuesday is always a joy.

"And that's how it goes kids. The friends, neighbours, drinking buddies, partners in crimes you love so much when you were young, as the years go by, you just lose touch.
You will be shocked kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That's why when you find someone you wanna keep around, you do something about it."

probably after it ends, i'll rerun the whole season again 1-9


legend - wait for it.. - dary! self-five



Thursday, March 06, 2014

Although it might be a bit late, introducing to you guys these 2 special instagram accounts, @cupsters   and the latter @projekshawl.

Our humble online baking business which I've founded many many years ago with the chocolate cake as the beginning. It's not really huge but manageable and we're proud of our homemade products ;) Highly recommended - Red Velvet cake/cupcake with creamy cheese cream frosting and always my favourite, Devils Food cupcake with chocolate ganache.

Feel free to follow @cupsters and to like our page too Cupsters.Monsters

Due to my petite built, I've always had problems finding my perfect shawl. If the width is ok, I've had issues with the length and vice versa. Sometimes I've had issues with the materials's opaqueness and material itself. When I see others wearing cute shawls, I always wonder where did they get theirs and one day I thought why not do it myself ones. So that's how it began, a small side project by yours truly. But who knows where this step might lead me to, amen.. Psss, just let me know if you like any of these..

Anyway, there're still many rooms for improvements and a lot for me to learn. It's exciting, challenging and yet could be rewarding. So please, your supports are very much appreciated..

Follow @projekshawl and like the page projekshawl


perihal bercuti

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

saya tengah bercuti maternity, sekarang nearly 2 bulan, 1 month to go.

ops, sebenarnya permohonan untuk extend lagi 3 bulan cuti dah approved. in total aku akan cuti 6 bulan, i'll be back to office in july insyaAllah. of course unpaid the extra 3 months tu.

dari tahun lepas lagi aku dah poyo-poyo inform erik yang aku nak extend cuti cuma tak sure berapa bulan. camni, my colleague started this trend of extending maternity leave to the maximum of 6 months in the office and followed by others. aku ni orang ke-3 bercuti lama sakan. bukannya apa, aku kesian nak hantar sufi ke babysitter as young as 3 months, by 6 months she should be ready by then. lagipun disebabkan aku went tru c-sec ari tu, aku rasa eloklah berehat lama sikit.

once cuti aku dapat lampu hijau, tiba-tiba aku pulak yang jadi panik. how am i going to pay my bills? adakah decision aku ni tak berapa wise? money issue, financial woes.

akan tetapi, aku yakinkan dalam hati, rezeki itu rahsia Allah. kenapa aku nak risaukan perkara yang dah ditentukan. aku berusaha from my end, dan pray for the very best.. ameen..

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