november list

Monday, November 28, 2011

things i plan to do during my break (as planned before) :

  1. to visit faculty of dentistry u.m, gotta save some money on dental fees since i've used up all this year.
  2. short break
  3. to manage cupsters's account
  4. himym and big bang theory's catching up
  5. himym rerun (all seasons)
  6. movie marathon - 50/50 is at the top of my list
  7. spa visit by voucher
  8. swimming
  9. ramadan make up days
  10. ?????
so far, the score is 3 out of 9 (at least).
but if you asked my kids, i think they'll show their happy faces. all hearts content since maa and ayah are around and more importantly, waterpark trip is already fulfilled.


jalan-jalan misi makan

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

dengan niat berjalan ke waterpark, tapi kita detour ke kuala kangsar dulu.

aku rasa o.h dah lama mengidam ni, dia kata the last time he had the wantanho was back in 1997. macam kuetiaw kungfu je aku tengok ;)

the first time aku merasa pau ni dalam 2 tahun lepas kut, lepas kiterang frust due to hal uk. umpama satu legend, memang sedap. lembut dan gebu, inti tak kedekut ye. ayam sedap, daging pon sedap, kaya buatan sendiri. itu jelah yang aku merasa..

the famous yut loi's pau

nak mencari makan sedap kat ipoh takdelah sesenang yang disangka. aku pernah dengar pasal nasi ganja, pon cerita dari kawan-kawan o.h gak. aku ingatkan apalah kan, rupa ada macam nasi kandar, tapi dengarnya pembuatan special. sedap oo, portion is just right, kenyang sampai ke malam.

kedai kopi yun suan loong, ipoh

misi masih belum berakhir. belum jumpa lagi tempat breakfast yang legen.. wait for it, dary.. legendary =)

demam oh demam

oh himym

Monday, November 21, 2011

Robin: I'm such a mess. Why do you even like me?
Barney: I guess cause you're almost as messed up as I am.


this song was featured at the end of disaster averted, it felt right, no.


big bad wolf's aftermath

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last time was such a heaven experience, am i a bit exaggerating here but it was a nearly miraculous when i saw the tag price at the back of books. more expensive than carboot sale in uk, almost the same as charity shops sell but new books always smell better.

ok, got an email that there'll be another sale, which they call it aftermath sale.  i can't guarantee that books will be super awesome but where can you get one at rm5, right. anyway, books will always be super awesome.

go get yourselves more books ;)

heart it

My muncung

Sunday, November 06, 2011

cardiff - si muncung, originally uploaded by hasniza.

Stumbled upon this while looking back at old photos. Still the similar fashion she had since i could remember, straight, bit messy.

if i could ask her now, she just smiles and vaguely nearly to none remember anything about this.

i guess her living experience during those time wasn't yet registered in her long-term memory storage. but we do =)


one hectic saturday

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

20th october 2011 was the busiest saturday ever!

it's the inter dept futsal tournament 2011, which marks my first time participation. training session was held once, in order to get all the players in the right mood for futsal galore. frankly speaking, this is my only 3rd time so please excuse for my awkwardness, but hey i think if i wasn't too shy when i was 24, or if i played more, sure i can dribble better ;)

i ain't no del piero, it's more like andrea pirlo.

picture - courtesy to one of the girls, probably it's u lala =)

gltm aumm

3rd place for a less than 2 weeks registered as a team, less than a week to complete the line up, plus the 2 hours of training session in the heavy rainstorm. not bad at all girls. 1 win, 2 draws and 1 lost.

a few hours later we were in usj area for aaqilah's first ever concert. my girl is a grown up now, sob sob sob.. her class performed nirmala and she's the one who had the capacity of very strong hands, to hold an umbrella for the queen in the 7-8 minutes performance. when we asked her why she didn't take part in the dance routine, she simply replied, not interested. aih..

in addition to these 2 events, we were cordially invited to a housewarming party in setapak, a celebrated birthday party in putrajaya and of course my dearest's cotton tea party in kepong.

wow.. u people know how to keep me busy all at once

very big grin

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