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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

You are your own product.

I've read it somewhere, but it didn't really struck me until I heard on radio this morning. The fact that Sarimah the deejay completed her degree, got her martial arts thingy which I think on instructor level, she's also a pilates instructor certified etc etc made me realized that there's so much more in the world that you can learn, invest, be good at and make a living, who knows.

I am an IT person. People may say that I could do other part time IT stuffs such as website, coding, hard core programming but for me IT is my main source of income aka 9-6 job at the moment. Coming back home I have three kids to attend, and after dinner either I cook or buy from kedai, all energy left is for putting Sufi to sleep. Laptop is left untouched beside me. No more codes or even games which I could bear to stare at, not even lay my fingers on.

What else apart from IT skills? I guess I have baking. Baking is my other passion, but to be honest I can't stand baking 24-7 too. I learn baking from books (when you buy there some investments), youtube and by experiments since young. I went to classes as well but couldn't afford to go many, so I'm a bit picky about which ones is more suitable to attend. Some skills you need learn from a master, some you can train and build over time. Alhamdulillah so far baking is part of my financial aids and one of my future investments.

However, I have started to obsess with exercises and work-outs such as yoga, zumba and cardio classes quite recently. i still swim whenever i can. I've started yoga in 2011 and was pretty amazed at my own capability. I really liked zumba when I first went to the class until I thought I should be a zumba instructor in order to do zumba like everyday hahaha but where do i begin to get certified? whenever i see new shoplots area, i thought, what if i invested in a studio? not only that you lead a healthy lifestyle but probably you'll have more time to roam free :)

the other skill that i've always dreamed long time ago is learning foreign language. not only learning but i want to be fluent and able to converse like speaking english. back then when taking japanese during uni days, i did well and really enjoyed the whole experience. for me, learning new languages is way easier than computer languages hahahaha many years ago, i used to self-taught myself basic french and italians which i demonstrated in front of o.h and left him in awe. such a joy and victorious! when taking classes, it's a commitment but a good opportunity to meet people and build network.

as i am listing down the mentioned above, funds and time won't allow me to achieve all at once. but i guess i can do one by one, by setting up a short-term goal. at least until end of the year, i should be able do this or at a certain level of something. more realistic and manageable put less pressure on myself hence they're doable. the most important thing is to never give up and never think that it's too late for everything. there's always a start for something to begin.

pray hard and work smart, insyaAllah. later play hard :)

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