volleyball champions

Friday, December 23, 2011

how can i forget about this? we emerged as the champion =), both men and women teams won gold at our first participation. gila!!

i discovered that i am apparently, quite a good digger hahaha

demam oh demam

as good as it gets

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alan:  I'm Alan Liebowitz: stage 3 lymphoma. Pleased to meet you.
Mitch: Mitch Horowitz, metastatic prostate cancer.
Adam: Adam Lerner, schwannoma neurofibrosarcomas

I watched it at last.

one of his best from j.g.l.

nice ost too. there's a high and dry from radiohead, at the closing scene a nice one from pearl jam.

you know you have a cancer and the feeling, but until it hit you that eventually makes you realize that you might die soon.

Based on a true story of a man who was diagnosed with schwannoma neurofibrosarcomas or in a simpler term, a spinal cancer in the middle of his 20s.

if you're into joseph gordon levitt, love love love this movie. if you like something cool, love love love. but if you aren't really for 'banyak cakap' kinda movie, i hope you'll enjoy it too for the sake of a very good movie.


power of blogging talk

Saturday, December 03, 2011

** the above image is courtesy of pn nurul's 

the power of blogging

an event which held at kementerian perumahan dan kerajaan tempatan, putrajaya was such a simple one. mainly i attended to support my good friend's event (she's the chairperson), but the event itself was successful, personally i thought.

the 2 invited speakers are en shahabudeen jalil, a wholesale business consultant and pn suraya of lunatots ( i am more familiar with her when i heard of lunatots). maybe it's because i myself a working mom so i strongly felt that the latter is much more relatable. Her spirits and motivations in running her business and managing her kids impress me a lot. whenever i heard or read about moms who work really hard for the best of their kids, i kinda feel a pang inside. shame on you, hasniza =|

useful and helpful, particularly to bloggers in the making and beginners. like myself, it's more on the knowledge sharing and an exposure to cupsters. a good one i hope ;)

a comel cupsters's chocolate cake sponsored by yours truly.


from purajaya to kl

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Intentionally my next destination after putrajaya was tasik titiwangsa.

if you're not really familiar with putrajaya ringroads and puzzle about getting to other places from putrajaya, just drive by following KUALA LUMPUR signage (it's a basic knowledge right). as in my case, i was going to kl and got oddly confused with the blue and green KUALA LUMPUR  signage. all i wanted was to get to mex with no hassles.

so, if you're having the same issue as i was yesterday in finding your way to mex, just follow the green KUALA LUMPUR. if it says KUALA LUMPUR - PLUS, i can assure that you're taking the right exits. what i wasn't sure was how far it took me from precint 4 to the mex exit.

only when you do it on your own that makes you value the hardship of driving.

p/s: the power of blogging - what about that? i'll post soon aight =)

november list

Monday, November 28, 2011

things i plan to do during my break (as planned before) :

  1. to visit faculty of dentistry u.m, gotta save some money on dental fees since i've used up all this year.
  2. short break
  3. to manage cupsters's account
  4. himym and big bang theory's catching up
  5. himym rerun (all seasons)
  6. movie marathon - 50/50 is at the top of my list
  7. spa visit by voucher
  8. swimming
  9. ramadan make up days
  10. ?????
so far, the score is 3 out of 9 (at least).
but if you asked my kids, i think they'll show their happy faces. all hearts content since maa and ayah are around and more importantly, waterpark trip is already fulfilled.


jalan-jalan misi makan

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

dengan niat berjalan ke waterpark, tapi kita detour ke kuala kangsar dulu.

aku rasa o.h dah lama mengidam ni, dia kata the last time he had the wantanho was back in 1997. macam kuetiaw kungfu je aku tengok ;)

the first time aku merasa pau ni dalam 2 tahun lepas kut, lepas kiterang frust due to hal uk. umpama satu legend, memang sedap. lembut dan gebu, inti tak kedekut ye. ayam sedap, daging pon sedap, kaya buatan sendiri. itu jelah yang aku merasa..

the famous yut loi's pau

nak mencari makan sedap kat ipoh takdelah sesenang yang disangka. aku pernah dengar pasal nasi ganja, pon cerita dari kawan-kawan o.h gak. aku ingatkan apalah kan, rupa ada macam nasi kandar, tapi dengarnya pembuatan special. sedap oo, portion is just right, kenyang sampai ke malam.

kedai kopi yun suan loong, ipoh

misi masih belum berakhir. belum jumpa lagi tempat breakfast yang legen.. wait for it, dary.. legendary =)

demam oh demam

oh himym

Monday, November 21, 2011

Robin: I'm such a mess. Why do you even like me?
Barney: I guess cause you're almost as messed up as I am.


this song was featured at the end of disaster averted, it felt right, no.


big bad wolf's aftermath

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Last time was such a heaven experience, am i a bit exaggerating here but it was a nearly miraculous when i saw the tag price at the back of books. more expensive than carboot sale in uk, almost the same as charity shops sell but new books always smell better.

ok, got an email that there'll be another sale, which they call it aftermath sale.  i can't guarantee that books will be super awesome but where can you get one at rm5, right. anyway, books will always be super awesome.

go get yourselves more books ;)

heart it

My muncung

Sunday, November 06, 2011

cardiff - si muncung, originally uploaded by hasniza.

Stumbled upon this while looking back at old photos. Still the similar fashion she had since i could remember, straight, bit messy.

if i could ask her now, she just smiles and vaguely nearly to none remember anything about this.

i guess her living experience during those time wasn't yet registered in her long-term memory storage. but we do =)


one hectic saturday

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

20th october 2011 was the busiest saturday ever!

it's the inter dept futsal tournament 2011, which marks my first time participation. training session was held once, in order to get all the players in the right mood for futsal galore. frankly speaking, this is my only 3rd time so please excuse for my awkwardness, but hey i think if i wasn't too shy when i was 24, or if i played more, sure i can dribble better ;)

i ain't no del piero, it's more like andrea pirlo.

picture - courtesy to one of the girls, probably it's u lala =)

gltm aumm

3rd place for a less than 2 weeks registered as a team, less than a week to complete the line up, plus the 2 hours of training session in the heavy rainstorm. not bad at all girls. 1 win, 2 draws and 1 lost.

a few hours later we were in usj area for aaqilah's first ever concert. my girl is a grown up now, sob sob sob.. her class performed nirmala and she's the one who had the capacity of very strong hands, to hold an umbrella for the queen in the 7-8 minutes performance. when we asked her why she didn't take part in the dance routine, she simply replied, not interested. aih..

in addition to these 2 events, we were cordially invited to a housewarming party in setapak, a celebrated birthday party in putrajaya and of course my dearest's cotton tea party in kepong.

wow.. u people know how to keep me busy all at once

very big grin

over the rainbow


Thursday, October 06, 2011

it's hard to get back to blogging after so long.

kata o.h, blogging is dead. sekarang orang nak mengupdate sesuatu sangat senang, dengan adanya facebook, twitter dan bermacam-macam lagi social networking tools yang ada di dunia yang canggih ni. super ringkas dan super padat. orang macam aku yang layan tulis benda yang berjela-jela ni rasa, susahnya nak put into few words. sementelah broadband ni tak free, jadi maka baiklah kita menggunakan semaksima mungkin. mungkin ada orang yang masih sudi membaca tulisan panjang berjela ;)

yes, i come to realize that my extra time yang tak seberapa itu is much more needed by other people. probably kalau aku punya teknologi canggih seperti ipad (thank you steve jobs) pon belum tentu aku akan sentiasa berblog. blogging yang aku sudah ulang kali cakap, satu terapi yang sangat bagus, bila idea itu datang tanpa henti.

ada satu part dalam komik doraemon bila nobita kena menulis dan kasi alasan yang alangkah bagusnya kalau ada tool yang boleh menulis direct dari apa yang kita fikirkan. wah kalau macam tu memang aku boleh menulis 10 kali sehari, strongly proves that i think a lot inside. tak bagus, sebab punya tendency untuk mendatangkan headache dan heartache. tapi at least aku tak buat dosa free hahaha

ye, pagi ni seumpama satu kejutan dan entah kenapa aku rasa sedih pulak walhal takde kaitan langsung. mungkin sebab apple impress me so much for its clean design and the simplicity concept. neither over the top nor pretentious. kata julia child, simple doesn't mean that it easy. kata o.h once you go mac, you'll never go back.

permulaan yang decent dari saya ;)

ciao and salam


2011 movies

Monday, September 26, 2011

My list of movies in 2011 which I think awesome. Kasi canlah kat aku yang jarang pergi cinema nih, some of the movies are in 2011 punya release, some are just old movies which i just watched quite recently and I still think that they're cool. if only i watched before..

The rise of the planet of the apes
Nasib baik sempat tengok. dah lama aku duk ajak orang tapi tade nak layan. Terkesan, dan bijak. Walaupun lambat, aku tetap dengan rajinnya recommend kat hampir semua orang.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
One of the most anticipated movies of 2011, it's up to the expectations. 2 kali aku tengok ye, sebabnya yang kali pertama tu ada insiden melibatkan natalia. tak sampai half aku dah cabut keluar. dahleh gara-gara tak dapat parking kiterang miss 10 minit pertama.
2nd time dengan o.h dan melibatkan natalia juga. tapi managable ;)
since dia split into 2 movies, jadi aku rasa most of important parts dapat divisualkan. cuma kurang drama cinta hermione-ron, as well as harry-adik ron. pengakhiran yang memuaskan

500 days of summer
ok, this is a bit old. cerita yang cool, soundtrack yang super cool. joseph gordon levitt yang comel dan cool. my ex-bf dari zaman dinasour hahahaha
realistic dan it happens. takde cinta hindustan punya hahaha

Shades of Ray.
connection between ray and sanaa is magical and makes me watching everytime. ray played by mamat chuck tu ye, sangat kiut hehehe lain dari yang lain, silalah cari dan tengok

cowboys and alien
okla, aku enjoy gak walaupon ada suara sumbang dari tepi kiri dan kanan
bukanlah saya tak tengok movie melayu, aku tengok terutama di musim raya. tapi tahun ni nampaknya tak sempat sangat. terasa nak tengok ngangkung tapi asik miss aja. o.h sebok dengan citer lumba keretanya. oh ya, dapat tengok semerah cinta stilleto dari mula sampai habis. okla, agak kiut tapi kadang-kadang cuteness yang cuba ditonjolkan nampak fake. lagi satu concentration senang lari, kalau dah start rasa bosan tu. aku tengok sekali lagi papadom, tetap antara terbaik.

salji di kuala lumpur agak sweet. okla, mostly aku asik tengok qi ahahaha.. cute gak rupanya ;)

these 2 upcoming movies i hope to see soon,

black swan.. marilah kita menonton di rumah wahai abang sayang

      heart it

      little doctor

      Wednesday, August 03, 2011

      Aaq: maa kenapa?
      Me : sakit perut, angin
      Aaq: maa bukak baju sikit, nanti angin keluar ikut pusat.
      Me : err betul ke, boleh jadi ni?
      Aaq: betul, angin keluar ikut pusat, shu shu (tgn dia tunjuk almost everywhere) nanti maa elok

      Aaq: maa minum air apa
      Me : coffee
      Aaq: kenapa maa minum hot driNk?
      Me : maa minum air panas dulu. Later boleh minum air sejuk
      Aaq: kenapa maa tak buat air tea?
      Me : ni kan perut dah masuk angin. kena stop minum la jap
      Aaq: maa buat la mcam saya cakap tadi. Pastu maa buat air tea. Kita boleh minum

      Ooo patut laa

      Salam ramadhan =)

      heart it

      fly high cupsters

      Sunday, July 24, 2011

      i've finally updated cupsters, please click here for the latest.

      took me months to gather stuffs, ideas, and the ideal concept for a better and stylish look. tapi aku tetap cuba maintain seminimal yang boleh, maklumla saya ni minimalist orangnya ;) clean look and fresh, hopefully.

      hence, feel free to drop by and your feedbacks are highly and very much appreciated. dengan rendah hati saya mengucapkan terima kasih..

      oh by the way, it's nearly there. still not satisfied and wouldn't call it our final product. but, it's there..

      fly high cupsters =)



      Friday, July 22, 2011

      2 jam masa berlalu,
      orang itu tak kunjung tiba,
      secawan kopi, sekeping kek keju,
      menantikan detik dan ketika.

      sapa pandai tekalah saya di mana? muahahaha


      Auguri Aaaqilah

      Monday, July 11, 2011

      A belated entry from aaqilah's birthday last.. month hahah!!

      Aku tidur pukul 4 pagi, and it's totally worth the next morning's doziness and dizziness. Baked nearly 140s red velvet cupcakes which I topped with vanilla buttercream. Maklumlah budak-budak tak semua sukakan cheese cream, and mentioning about cheese cream I think I could come up with a good entry of cupcakes frosting ;)

      So, from the bottom of maa's heart, I wished you dear happy birthday (this is past hasniza ok), loves u much, dan doa yang terbaik dan terindah untuk aaqilah.. amin =)

      Sebelah petangnya lepas balik sekolah, other half belikan aaqilah kek aiskrim. mujur strawberi tadelah aku bitter sangat. aku tade time tu, tak sempat nak kejar ke shah alam. oh i was stucked in a meeting..

      p/s: cupcakes 100 biji dan sebiji kek, itulah hadiahnya hehehehe priceless!!

      heart it

      self-defense class - season finale

      Thursday, June 16, 2011

      salah satu hasil dari kelas bersilat or formally knows as self defense class, can refer here

      ada 5 orang awarded with certificate dari sesi yang lepas, 4 je dapat attended and salah seorang ialah yours truly. kali ni kita bergambar dengan sesi terbaru june - august. far right ialah our instructor. excited tak muka aku hahaha

      intructor : bila nak datang kelas?

      me: is this the 3rd class? err.. soon hopefully

      wah, selamba aku memberi janji-janji mungkin palsu. bukan taknak, sebetulnya memang aku berminat dan sangat enjoy tapi kadang-kadang tu ada rasa malas sikit ;)

      dalam gambar last tu, i already forgave myself for accidentally being in sleeping mode. haish.. sapalah amek gambar ni?


      lazy eye

      Wednesday, June 15, 2011

      lazy eye ialah satu condition di mana mata kita menjadi tidak properly aligned with each other. ia akan menyebabkan gangguan pada vision dan jarak pengamatan seseorang.

      dulu bila aku dengar lazy eye tu, aku ingat mata yang seperti droopy keadaannya. seperti maksudnya malas, jadi dia malas untuk digunakan menyebabkan sebelah mata akan lebih aktif dari sebelah mata yang lagi satu. apa yang aku faham, macam agak betul tapi kurang tepat.

      ada orang kata juling tapi aku tak sure.

      due to small 'lump' kat mata kiri aaqilah, it's detected that aaqilah has already developed early lazy eyes symptoms. sejak bila, kita pon tak sure. setelah hampir 2 tahun since the last check, last week aaqilah started again her eye checkup routine.

      treatments yang mandatori untuk aaqilah as for now,

      • pakai eye patch dalam 2-3 jam sehari untuk train balik penggunaan mata kiri dia dengan merehatkan mata kanan
      • pakai spek dengan power yang lebih on the left eye side

      Of everyone that needs to hide
      A cheap parade of endless lies
      Filters through this lazy eye


      My name is Salmon, like the fish; first name Susie

      Friday, May 20, 2011

      These were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence: the connections — sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent — that happened after I was gone. And I began to see things in a way that let me hold the world without me in it. The events my death brought were merely the bones of a body that would become whole at some unpredictable time in the future. The price of what I came to see as this miraculous lifeless body had been my life.

      Watched last sunday, and it took me nearly a week to blog about it.

      First read about it when ryan gosling was cast as the father but later got replaced by mark wahlberg, and i could understand why. he's much more suitable than the younger gosling.

      then at last year's awards, some actors got nominated.

      i really wanted to watch but was feeling nervous at the same time when i knew what the movie was about. alaa sedihlah nak tengok what happened to the girl, raped and brutally murdered. so i flipped between channels, oh i was waiting for rome final between nadal and the djoker. after a while, there i was stucked in front of tv, and the lovely bones.

      an adaptation from a best-selling book of 2002 (hah, amek) with the same title, no wonder this movie is much anticipated and critics was quite harsh and very demanding.

      both o.h and i kept guessing where have we seen the girl before? lah, atonement.

      it's either you gonna love it or hate it. for me, thanks for not emphasizing on the brutal, gruesome parts.


      Seasonal and one particular person

      Friday, May 13, 2011

      She's got you high and you don't even know yet
      It's the search for the time before it leaves without you
      Have you lost your mind or has she taken all of yours too?
      Whats this about? I figured love would shine through
      We've lost romance this world has turned so see through
      Open your mind, believe it's going to come to
      Romance alive and hope she's going to tell you

      What more can I say? I got stucked and let it be for couple of days. 


      Angin Cherating

      Monday, April 18, 2011

      I was off on my birthday, so we have decided to spend a few days away. cherating, here we come..

      tak pernah lagi pergi cherating, walaupun hampir tiap tahun lalu dalam perjalanan nak ke terengganu tu. aku pernah spent night kat awana kijal waktu budak2 dulu, mestilah lain experience dengan family nukleus pulak. rasa macam awana kijal tu macam jauh despite the fact that it's only 30++ km ahead of cherating. mungkin sebab satu dalam pahang, satu lagi dah masuk terengganu..

      yang tak berapa best, aku sakit kepala dan mild cramp. ish ish..

      budak 2 orang ni pengsan di malam hari, siangnya dah sakan main pasir dan too many beach actions hehehe

      best bawak bekal kek dan semua orang really appreciated it di kala kebuluran

      originally uploaded by hasniza.


      SKII Workshop

      Sunday, April 03, 2011

      This entry is so outdated, actually attended the workshop in February or March. oh aku sendiri tak ingat. dapat sms jemputan, konfirmkan kedatangan dan venuenya - the apartment. wah terasa ekslusif untuk hari yang ekslusif. by the way, it FOC hehehe

      the introductory of the new whitening products, sesi mencuba di muka sendiri as in walaupun saya pakai tudung tetapi sangat bersemangat menolak tudung untuk mendapatkan setiap inci muka dengan semaksima mungkin. akhir sekali, complimentary mekap by anna sui. happening tak =)

      before the session began.

      jangan tak percaya, en trainer ini sudah berumur 45 thn, pengguna skII belas-belas tahun dan inilah hasilnya. (aku dah bole jadi promoter ni)

      the ultimate set yang kiterang berpeluang untuk menenyeh sebanyak mungkin ke muka sendiri pada hari itu. harganya haish... saya memang tak mampulah although undeniably very effective and proven. tunggu saya jadi kaya dulu ;)

      ramai cakap lagi lama pakai, lagi berkesan.. let's see then..


      self defense class

      Thursday, March 31, 2011

      atau kiterang selalu refer as kelas bersilat..

      termasuk hari ni dah kelas 5 kelas berjalan, 4 kelas aku attend so far. next week most probably aku takde, so tak pergi. setiap minggu di hari jumaat pagi, berlainan sakit yang aku dapat. first week sakit pinggang dengan pelipat lutut, 2nd class terdapat sikit kesukaran untuk aku jalan mengikut my normal pace yang agak laju tu, nanti hamstring cramp. puh dasat hamstring injury, cam footballer pulak rasanya..

      menurut master aku, biasalah keesokan harinya akan sakit-sakit sikit, badan tu dah lama tak bekerja keras dan bergerak di luar norma. tapi katanya temporary saja. sempat dia turunkan petua merawat lebam-lebam, adalah dekat 10 minit.

      niat awal aku sebelum join hari tu, memang untuk work out daripada duduk saja tu kan. pandai atau tak pandai seni mempertahankan diri, harapnya dapatlah pick up sikit-sikit. sebab untuk menjadi master, aku tak sepatutnya quit half way 20++ tahun lepas, uhuk uhuk..

      seronok tau!


      One of the weeks

      Sunday, March 27, 2011

      minggu yang baru berlalu ni hectic dan adalah salah satu yang paling memorable untuk tahun ini nampaknya.

      tak ingat nak mulakan dengan hari apa, tapi minggu lepas memang busy. training untuk framework dan sampai ke penghujungnya di malaysia, lepas ni sambung dengan trainer tu dah balik pune. masa yang sama, derang ni dah mula bagi assignments dan kerja sebenar, yang menyaksikan aku balik pukul 9. i'll come to that a bit later.

      minggu telepas rezeki untuk bercuti free. oklah, tak free 100%, at least accomodation sudah ditaja. caranya kau register your number, then stesen radio tu akan call. kalau kau jawab seperti yang sepatutnya blaa blaa blaa, ye dapatlah hadiah. kalau jawab hello, takde lah can. aku dah praktis tau beberapa hari macam mana nak jawab in case mendapat panggilan. dan ternyata perangkap psikologi memainkan peranan di sini. derang akan call when you expected it to happen the least. disebabkan aku terkejut dengan deringan phone aku yang sangat kuat itu, aku menjadi kalut lantas terus terlupa pasal apa yang aku dah praktis beberapa hari tu. maka terlepaslah peluang nak ke ??? sepanjang hari aku teirngat-ingat, memang rasa tak puas hati laa. saya sudahlah lama berangan nak ke island ni tau.

      oo patutlah test aku macam har*m hari tu. aku ada test, i did really really bad. bertambah laa saya down huhu.. macam bong*k je rasanya.

      mendapat pujian dari master subra, dia kata tendangan aku very good =) eh betulkah apa yang aku dengar tu hahahaha

      hari jumaat tu aku balik lambat gile, ohhh gilalah..

      semoga minggu mendatang ni sangat murah rezeki dan sangat senang sekali, aminn....

      luv letters

      oh la la spring

      Saturday, March 19, 2011

      i long for you Spring,
      long gone cold, here comes the flower

      untuk memanfaatkan spring yang sangat cantik, maka saya dan aaqilah berdua berjalan ke southampton city untuk sesi bergambar bersama bunga-bunga. FYI, i was 5 months pregnant =)

      an old entry actually

      teringat semasa dulu

      satu budak zaman 80-an

      Monday, February 14, 2011

      on the way ke usj 5 tadi hujan sangat lebat, siap ada kilat memancar kat sebelah kereta. terus aku tengok kuku..

      bila tengok kuku aku teringat antara habit waktu zaman kanak-kanak dulu. waktu kiterang sekolah agama, kalau hujan lebat dan kilat sabung menyabung nanti kiterang akan tengok kuku. sapa kuku yang panjang sikit mulalah risau, sebab takut syaitan menyorok bawah kuku. maka kalau syaitan dan iblis menyorok bawah kuku, nanti kilat akan cari kita untuk dipanah. bila aku cerita kat o.h dia gelak je.

      lagi habit budak-budak especially waktu tadika dan mula-mula masuk sekolah rendah ialah tulis alif lam lam ha' kat barang-barang. sapa amik dia berdosa, kalau berani dan tak takut tuhan amiklaa. ada yang siap tulis, alif lam lam ha', sapa amek berdosa. time tu dengar perkataan dosa pon rasa takut. 

      haha cerita budak-budak..

      heart it


      Thursday, February 03, 2011

      kata nak raya kan, terasa la nak bergaya dengan purse baru hehehe..

      takdela, aku jumpa blog ni via women's weekly. first impression, cantiknya. jadi kemudian aku pon sedang browsing produk kat minah ni punya blog. memang comel-comel. ada satu design with parisian corak, sangat comel tapi dah sold out. lepas kira-kira aku rasa boleh la beli, first time ni nak pakai purse panjang.

      cute, kemas, sleek, yang paling saya suka ialah flatness.

      Artchala Handmade

      yang ni pon aku suka, terasa nak mengorder passport holder, comel =) Syasya Creative Handmade Bags

      packaging itself impresses you a lot

      oh la la

      originally uploaded by hasniza.

      heart it

      as in today

      Wednesday, February 02, 2011

      ada orang cakap aaqilah dah macam anak dara. ada orang pulak cakap aaqilah sebijik muka maknya, bukan maknyah ye hahaha. tapi kalau sesapa rindu kat budak 2 orang ni, tadaaa.. kadang-kadang tu bolehlah main secara aman, aaqilah one page, natalia another one menempek. natalia bukan boleh tengok aaqilah drawing, dia mesti nak join sama.

      originally uploaded by hasniza


      resmi padi

      Saturday, January 29, 2011

      ingat, kelak di satu hari nanti bila aku sudah berjaya, janganlah lupa untuk memandang ke bawah. kalaulah itu manolo atau jimmy, nampaknya saya sangat berjaya, dan memandang ke bawah juga sangat bahagia =)

      daily life

      cerita macam cerita

      Monday, January 24, 2011

      bola 1, bola 1, 2, 3

      this is my first attempt, updating blog via email. sungguh backdated dan kampung sekali i nih. dahle lepas update tu takleh nak view live plak tu, ipodku pon tidak bercharge. ipod ye, bukan iphone, saya tidak punya iphone. mujur ada wifi yang boleh kutumpang, dapatlah meninjau fb sekali sekala.

      cerita pasal iphone kadang-kadang aku jeles dengan o.h. especially bila aku in the middle of somewhere, dan dengan tiba-tiba juga desperately need something in the middle of somewhere. ye, aku rasa aku juga sudah menjadi technology dependant, sesuatu yang aku cuba avoid.

      aku pernah travel dengan kawan-kawan sebanyak 3 kereta kat uk dulu. aku rasa our car was the only one without gps, dengan cabaran mencari accomodation di satu ceruk di tengah malam adalah sangat mencabar bila kau berpandukan map. even kiterang kalau travel selalunya refer pada map, ye mencabar dan sangat pening kepala bagi kes orang yang takleh baca dalam kenderaan bergerak macam aku ni. bila kau bergaduh laki bini blaming on each other's faults, itulah priceless dan memorable. atau kau baca map terbalik semata-mata mengikut north, ya itulah memorable. atau juga bila certain pages hilang sebab anak dah koyakkan, eii rasa nak makan tangan budak tu pulak. alaa beli je la map baru, bukannya mahal pun.

      oh, aku masih busy dengan training during lunch hour plak tu. walaupun lapar, tapi bila mengantuk tu tetap tak boleh tahan, sleepyhead.

      let see if this works


      over the rainbow

      doing fine and still alive

      Saturday, January 22, 2011

      don't count me out yet.

      aku belum bersara lagi dari dunia blogging. aku still think yang blogging ialah salah satu therapy dan juga medium untuk networking sesama kawan-kawan. masih suka juga untuk bercerita dan merepek merapu.

      cuma sekarang ni, masa sangat limited. siang memang tak dapat, malam selalunya masak, dinner, kemas pape yang patut dan tidurkan budak-budak ni. selalunya aku pon tertidur sama punya. nantilah aku nak try blogging dari email plak. aaa baru la gila up to date.

      sementara nak tunggu nadal main ni (kalau nadal dah main tu memang miss la i) aku melayan laa blog terchenta ni kejap. lagipon natalia tengah napping, kalau tak susah mau fokus. speaking about her, uih nakal boleh tahan sekarang ni. lasaknya lain macam, agresifnya lebih dari aaqilah kecik-kecik dulu. waktu aaqilah kecik-kecik dulu, dia ada 1 habit yakni touching stuffs. dia suka usik, tapi memang usik je la. kalau natalia selagi tak dapat, selagi tu dia tak give up. determine and persistent. mana aku tak makin kurus, kerja mengejar dua orang sekarang. kalau kena tangkap, kuat pulak tu tenaga dia nak meloloskan diri. kalau senyum geram je aku rasa nak gigit-gigit pipi dia. bukan geram sebab dia kasi comel, sebab geram taktik dia nak kasi kita cair plak. kadang-kadang bila aku ngantuk kat ofis, sengih sorang-sorang i bila tengok gambar budak-budak tu kat ipod. haisshh.. windu la plak huhu

      aaqilah this year turns 5 kan. so sekarang dia dah pergi sekolah. hari tu bila dapat baju sekolah, aku pon pakaikan untuk fitting. bila dah siap pakai, haii rasa syahdu tengok my petite daughter hari ni pakai baju tadika. memanglah gembira dia dah start pergi sekolah, tapi kejap je kan masa berlalu. sekarang ni natalia still a baby to me, but one day she'll follow aaqilah's footsteps too. aku selalu cakap, nantilah korang besar sket, maa dan ayah nak gi travel dua orang. hakikatnya, aku masih belum sampai hati nak buat camtu despite million times i kept repeating the same sentence. nampaknya bila natalia dah besar sikit, maybe it's time for another one or two =) ops after another backpacking trip.

      still in the mood for shopping. already imagining something special for my birthday treat. ada rezeki ada laa tu, insyaAllah. tahun ni saya berazam untuk mendapatkan satu handbag yang sangat kewl kekekke

      ok, mencari momentum untuk terus blogging..

      luv letters

      arrivederci 2010 ciao 2011

      Saturday, January 01, 2011

      arrivederci 2010

      tahun yang sangat mencabar, panjang, eventful dan semestinya unforgetable. quoted o.h, astrologer chinese cakap, sapa lahir tahun monyet ni kurang ong di tahun tiger.. wallahualam la kan..

      we started the year of 2010 dengan berita gembira, o.h dapat job offer dan it seemed that we're going back. huish gila. proses nak apply visa sekarang lagi hassle dan details dari sebelum ni. lama boleh tahan, which we ended up with 2 rejections. the first application adalah untuk the whole family and the second one was for o.h alone. berapa dah spent, malas nak kenang. sakit hati dan sakit kepala. dipendekkan cerita, ada masalah teknikal yang menyatakan it's almost imossible to go back, dan o.h masuk um balik.

      pencarian kerja aku yang sangat slow due to natalia, dan hanya agak agresif kemudian. strings of interviews with nothing achieved, dan aku dah mula kasi putus. kalau tak dapat kerja jugak by the end of 2010, kita akan look up to plan b and adieu it world. 2 months to 2011, alhamdulillah aku finally hit the pot. we'll come to that later ok. aku rasa aku was turning into an ugly monster, waiting at the corner to unleash my wrath and frustation to the world. trapped and unwanted.

      pengalaman menakutkan yang kesannya masih terasa hingga ke hari ni, dirompak oleh 3 lelaki yang bersenjatakan parang panjang. dengarnya ada senjata lain, yang tak nampak dengan mata kasar kita ni..

      salah satu highlight of the year dalam bentuk ultimate test kepada sesiapa pon, apabila your dearest family member apalagi one of your parents was diagnosed with cancer. cancer, satu perkataan yang dengar je dah bisa buat aku berderau. tak dapat aku nak describe perasaan tu once the news confirmed. fast forward, puji-pujian dan syukur dipanjatkan bila mak aku survives dan dia dalam treatment peringkat akhir, stem cell transplant. doakan mak aku terus kuat dan akan sihat insyaAllah..

      alhamdulillah dengan kedatangan 2 orang nieces, baby zara and baby ariana. ours? well not now for sure. tunggulah dulu ye. yang 2 ni pon bisa buat maa and ayah dia pening gila..

      what else? oh ya, semestinya cupsters - we are the monsters. a new beginning, new experience, new world to conquer.. chee.. VENI, VIDI, VICI should be our motto and something to aim for =) monsters yang cute dan bijaksana, belajar untuk meneroka dunia yang maha luas. adakah kita akan berjaya monsters? usaha yang berterusan dan smart moves will take us there insyaAllah..

      all the best 2011


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