not again

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

this morning i've been asked the same question again, where are you originally from with the thought (probably) that i might be indonesian.

apparently that engineer pakcik is from indonesian parentage, dutch colony and later moved to holland. ni kan a dutch company, memang ramai dutch keje sini. and so i explained to him my origin, and he greeted selamat pagi.

most people that i met tot that i'm indonesian, or the second guess would be filipino. siap ada filipino ni cakap tagalog plak dengan aku sekali tu. salamat po.

question: indonesian sangatkah mukaku ini?

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  1. hehehe..mgkn diorang je yg tak familiar ngan muka org melayu..tu yg diorang kata ko indonesian atau filipino :)

  2. skin color....defenitely skin color....heheheh

  3. turpentine chaserSat Mar 22, 02:42:00 AM

    okla tu, rumpun2 melayu jugak kan? ;)


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