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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

as mentioned in my previous entry, my besfren of 15 years (uish,time flies) is coming over on a bisnes tip and also bejalan, bila lagi. tetiba aku teringat, is it ok to ask her favor for some stuffs delivery?

most possibly ni je la, harapnya. to ernie, thanks sangat ye hehehe to mak, in case tebaca kat blog, bole la salin apa yang patut dibeli hehehehehe

ade ke menda penting yg aku miss??

by the way, i am still working on my list to be compact and minimal but very optimal. here it goes:

  • milo 3-in-1 instant - kite seisi keluarga layan bangat
  • biskut oreo - had difficult time to find, oreo cheese cake anyone?
    dah jumpa, dah jumpa hehe
  • bawang goreng - mesian the best
  • maggi - essential
  • cili kering - new in the list sebab nak abis dah ni

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  1. wei has..sotong tak mo masuk list kah? jgn la duk pesan sotong basah tu plak :p

  2. sotong masuk list bulan 5 kut,adik aku nak datang hehehe aku rasa kan,baru bape kali aku nampak sotong basah,susah tak susah le tu huhuhu

  3. dud, krim slam sma ernie..dok gombak lagikah die..

  4. insyaAllah dudette, duk gombak lagi dia..


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