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Saturday, December 03, 2011

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the power of blogging

an event which held at kementerian perumahan dan kerajaan tempatan, putrajaya was such a simple one. mainly i attended to support my good friend's event (she's the chairperson), but the event itself was successful, personally i thought.

the 2 invited speakers are en shahabudeen jalil, a wholesale business consultant and pn suraya of lunatots ( i am more familiar with her when i heard of lunatots). maybe it's because i myself a working mom so i strongly felt that the latter is much more relatable. Her spirits and motivations in running her business and managing her kids impress me a lot. whenever i heard or read about moms who work really hard for the best of their kids, i kinda feel a pang inside. shame on you, hasniza =|

useful and helpful, particularly to bloggers in the making and beginners. like myself, it's more on the knowledge sharing and an exposure to cupsters. a good one i hope ;)

a comel cupsters's chocolate cake sponsored by yours truly.

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