from purajaya to kl

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Intentionally my next destination after putrajaya was tasik titiwangsa.

if you're not really familiar with putrajaya ringroads and puzzle about getting to other places from putrajaya, just drive by following KUALA LUMPUR signage (it's a basic knowledge right). as in my case, i was going to kl and got oddly confused with the blue and green KUALA LUMPUR  signage. all i wanted was to get to mex with no hassles.

so, if you're having the same issue as i was yesterday in finding your way to mex, just follow the green KUALA LUMPUR. if it says KUALA LUMPUR - PLUS, i can assure that you're taking the right exits. what i wasn't sure was how far it took me from precint 4 to the mex exit.

only when you do it on your own that makes you value the hardship of driving.

p/s: the power of blogging - what about that? i'll post soon aight =)

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