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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alan:  I'm Alan Liebowitz: stage 3 lymphoma. Pleased to meet you.
Mitch: Mitch Horowitz, metastatic prostate cancer.
Adam: Adam Lerner, schwannoma neurofibrosarcomas

I watched it at last.

one of his best from j.g.l.

nice ost too. there's a high and dry from radiohead, at the closing scene a nice one from pearl jam.

you know you have a cancer and the feeling, but until it hit you that eventually makes you realize that you might die soon.

Based on a true story of a man who was diagnosed with schwannoma neurofibrosarcomas or in a simpler term, a spinal cancer in the middle of his 20s.

if you're into joseph gordon levitt, love love love this movie. if you like something cool, love love love. but if you aren't really for 'banyak cakap' kinda movie, i hope you'll enjoy it too for the sake of a very good movie.

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