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Sunday, August 31, 2008

i'd say it's gonna take a while for vienna pics. and did i say vienna? hehehe

sebena-sebena memang sebenanya this trip was a very last minute one. the hubby submitted a paper to workshop that we thot won't go tru but only was informed the acceptance in like 2++ weeks before the conference started. we only managed to settle the flight tikets and accomodation in 1 week time and it's bole-tahan stressful. actually i paid for 2 flight tikets and some belanja-belanja as the hubby was sponsored by the uni. bole laa kan.. but we had to cover for every expenses and claim later. nak tanak kena ada some money upfront huhuhu

the best to describe vienna trip: sangat seronok, warm, friendly, very comforting, vibrant vienna. tak sesak sangat. yang pelik kiterang rasa homey. jadi betul juga seperti yang aku pernah baca, viennese welcome tourist like a long lost noble family.

1. we stayed in the 13th distric, heitzing home to Schönbrunn Palace and Tiergarten Zoo among others. 8-10 minutes from city centre.
2. giant ferris wheel ride, terasa menggigil gak lutut. ooo gayat
3. merayau hampir satu city covered kut
4. natural history museum tour, Kunsthistorisches Museum
5. posh viennese
6. souvenirs adalah mahal, cheapest fridge magnet is around euro3.90

if not because of this confence, probably we don't have so much headache thinking about our moving day and credit shrinkings. but because of this conference, we had the opportunity to be part of vienna even only for days.

salam ramadhan semua =)

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  1. selamat berpuasa jaja, kenit + aaqilah. =)

  2. jeles gua ngan aaqilah...dah ar dapat bersiar2....luar negara plak tuh...tempat2 yg gua rasa gua takkan pegi punyer ar...apersal ar parents gua tak buat phd time diorang mude2 dulu....heheeheheh

  3. to sue, slamat pose too

    to jin, hehe jgn jeles sgt, aaqilah tu tak ingat kut dia penah pegi merata. kiterang dah besa ni baru meraasa,ish aqilah ni


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