the cupids

Monday, August 11, 2008

my remarks about the archery team consists of 3. dari observations ialah archery women team.

1. anchor woman - the one who will step up wenever she needs or must to step up

2. the consistent one - yang akan produce mata-mata konsisten

3. faktor tak stabil - contributes lowest points as well as highest points dengan tak semena-mena.

unlike most of teams, the korean team i think has 1 anchor woman and the remaining 2 are the consistent contributors. they streamrolled every teams on their way to final and even won the gold in such a stylish way. when they broke the record with 231 out of 240, i can only wonder (didn't see this one) how accurate and consistent they were.

biasala aku, teringin plak rasanya nak mencupid gak esp my en.bos yang meninggalkan repot dengan logik yang aku rasa tak logik tapi menurut dia logik dan aku sangat hangin dan berangin dan rasa weh cepatla tade orang mau amik aku keje je &%^&&^$"$^&(*

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