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Thursday, August 07, 2008

I was and sometimes a little worried when aaqilah still doesn't speak. looking at the parents, i was a talkative one when i was a little girl. the hubby also talkative even up until now.

eventho she doesn't converse in the language that people understand, she speaks everytime using her hands, facial expressions and she mutters her own words. instead of one way learning, all of us learn at the same time. she learns wordings and languages from the parents and vice versa as we learn her language and physical expressions.

she points to watever catches her eyes. she pushes aside telling us can u work harder please, this is not wat i want. she isn't really straight-forward anymore, she now knows a lot of our tricks. she throws rubbish into bin, even once i lost my 20pound she took from my bag and found the note in the bin. bahaya btul.. actually most of her words starts with 'a'. but the easiest to reckon is when she throws herself on the floor for deniable requests or showing her protests towards the parents. tahap ultima ini selalunya bila penat atau ngantuk jadi level mengada-ngada tu memang tinggi.

a fren of mine told me dat one of her girls was quite like aaqilah before, she started speaking at 3++. not from one word to another word, her vocabs are like 3 year old and produced long complete sentences. when she answered 3++ tahun, i was like relieved and from my pelik-funny expression all of us bursted into roaring laughters.

lala she refers to current favorite teletubbies show

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