zero eight zero eight zero eight

Friday, August 08, 2008

i don't really care much less about date nowadays. probably because i want to keep up with time. every seconds i hope i could recall precisely every inch in details heheheh.

all i know this month is quite hectic, release schedule, training, data migration, kawan going back fo good and hubby's conference. shortly after dat is the coming of glorious ramadhan, pindah umah, bday and anniversary, raya, etc. kononnya by not keeping track of date i could save some elements of suprise there, atleast for myself laa.

no wonder a lot of my frens blogs updated today embracing the 08.08.08. clever! shud i or shud i not. i have slightest knowledge about numbers or fengshui. to some people 8 is a lucky prosperous number. to me not a favourite one, only dat i was born in the year of 80. 7 or 4 is much more preferable than using 8 hint hint

anyway i hope the opening ceremony of olympic games today is a succesful one as the organizer hopes it will be the greatest in olympic's history. let's pray for the olympic as the center stage to peace, harmony and unity, not for any political agenda or terrorism threats

Citius, Altius, Fortius

for the next 2 weeks we're turning on the couch potatoes mode.

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