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Thursday, April 03, 2008

we're replacing our nearly 3 yr old kettle with a new one. kenapa? durability reason. it seems that plastic body inside can't stand the heat from continuous and strenous functioning. macam menggelupas and mix with water. filter must be put all the time. tapi kan aku rasa, dah lama aku minum plastik kut huhuhu

recently, i saw this one ad on tv, dan macam menarik, at least it got me. jadi aku pun cek out laa the price and apparently not cheap as i hope. plus more bad reviews than positif punya, nampaknya mungkin tak kut.

aku ada dapat 1 as wedding gift and mak aku's been using it because the kettle at home broke. she's really pleased as she describes the new assistant as handy.

well, depends on our budget, err design and more errr brand? hehehe

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  1. turpentine chaserMon Apr 07, 10:18:00 PM

    hamboihhh kettle pun nak tefal aje!!! pow aaqilah la belikan bday present utk maa dia!

    happy bday kakak! many many happy returns, always!


  2. aku dah tgk,tadela sedasat iklannya tu..cam tak worth je.anyways,thank u =D

  3. santekkkknya kettle tu ........................ dasat ..dasat ;-)


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