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Monday, April 14, 2008

last monday was my bday. since we're travelling, i couldn't blog. my hp or mobile is out of credit, i couldn't replied to any wishes. neways, tq so much for wishes and doa sumer. the dad called for bday wish. i could sensed his suprise when he found out that we're somewhere in swindon hehehe. ayah, wish saje ke muahahahaa

frankly speaking,i am always in clueless mode whenever people ask, wat do u want? err what do i really want? probably i am a type of person who doesn't know what she wants. aku envy btul orang yang tau apa dia nak. awk nak apa? nak handbag. nak bracelet. nak romantik dinner.

but i think that's the problem with bday present. it's because people want it to be something suprising and extraordinary. i tend to buy people present that i like, not to people's liking. ego-maniac,duh.. yea, bday present should be meaningful and the message should convey directly. watever the hubby gets me on my bday always a pleasing one, the important thing is that i know he works and thinks hard for it. eh orang dah kasi byk cakap plak dia nih. tak kesah laa apa dia kan. just remember, money doesn't grow on trees and stuffs don't come cheap. and the biggest message of all messages (i pray sampai bila-bila)..love u bby and happy bday.semoga panjang umo and kita tua besama-sama.

aaqilah and ayah always give maa all the joy the world could bring

electronic gadgets and guys, works like a charm.

sekarang ini tidaklah lagi bermain game di henpon, tidak perlu lagi tetido ketika commuting, kerana peneman always by my side =D

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