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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

help me!! please

i can't think straight. i can't work properly. macam mandi tak basah, tido tak lena, makan tak kenyang. is it that bad or am i just exaggerating =)

my latest cravings, pastries particularly desserts. a few weeks ago while we're in porstmouth, there's a french market promoting food, groceries and some home goods. kebetulan. the hubby and i went hopping from one gerai to another looking for something good until we stopped at this one pakcik selling pastries. to be honest myself not fond of french food but is pastries their speciality? the probality is there because in yakitate japan, kazuma azuma and the gang (kawachi and suwabara kai) went to paris to have a special training on pastry culinaries for world tournament. and then, the biggest and busiest boulangerie in the whole world is in paris and actually located just accross the shop they had the training.

apa laa, melalut. when we had the first glimpse on the food, hmm not bad. aku seluk poket ada sket duit. and the pakcik was actually french and all of a sudden i became speechless and blank. bukannya apa, i was trying very hard to recall my incomplete french lessons especially numbers. yo yo oo btul laa. i got mixed up with italian. tres bien tres bien. by the way, the pastries memang layan. crispy, fresh and i became intoxicated even until now. we came later for second round and continued the munching in the train to soton.

i had lemon curd tart. the hubby lak raspberry ape eh, cam croissant berjamkan raspberry. aduuhhh.. lepas aku rasa the hubby punya, uih scrumptious-nya..donut pon ada gak tp aku rasa pastry and tart far better.. masih aku teringat akan ke-crispy-an kulit tart cuma the masam-ness level of lemon curd tu agak tinggi. mujur the sweetness tu ada jadi agak balance.

mana nak dapat ni, i want just like we had from the french market. for the speedy cure, krispy kreme pon ok jugak muahahahahaa

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