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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

if last week was a pasta week, this week it's a pizza week!

projek pizza alhamdulillah was quite a success. the recipe which i took from jamie oliver's was really easy and strongly recommended to try. the base was soft and once cooked, wasn't hard at all. i think it's because of the flour i've been using, super white bread flour. only wish that semolina flour could be found, barulah authentically italiano hehehe

our favorite toppings: chicken tikka and mincy meat, which both names are made up by me

The recipe

800g strong white bread flour
200g fine ground semolina flour or strong white bread flour
1 tbs fine sea salt
2 X 7g sachets of dried yeast
1 tbs golden caster sugar
around 650ml/just over 1 pint lukewarm water

1. Mix in yeast, golden caster sugar into tepid water. Biarkan beberapa minit.
2. Sekalikan A. Masukkan B tadi, gaul sebati. Then, biarkan at least 30 mins (room temp)
3. Uli dan bahagi doh kepada beberapa bebola, ideally 6 balls for this recipe.
4. Uli 10-15mins doh sebelum dibakar. Heat oven to 250 C.
5. Bakar 7-10 mins atau sehingga masak.


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  1. has,
    ari tu kita ada nampak semolina flour kt asian cash & carry..
    letakler resepi pizza. mnlah tau sampai seru kita nk buat hehehehe.

    weekend ni nk pegi tak umah hada, w.azman? boleh pegi sama2.. anythin' sms yer.

  2. nanti bole carik.nanti kita letak resepi hehe
    bole gak pegi,nanti sms-sms


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