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Friday, May 15, 2009

it's been almost 3 weeks at the new workplace.

the first week went quite slow. i spent on reading stuffs and tweaking here and there (konon). well, nothing much at all, sebabnya saya tatau apa. and the guys couldn't help me much since they're fully occupied with the project's deadline which was supposed to be released on that end of the week but was put on hold later. oh ya, there's a mandatory introductory meeting in which i have to make a little speech, macam intro gitu.. thank god i wasn't the only one..

ok came the second week. apa aku buat?? i was becoming more active, in terms of works and social group. i discovered that apart from myself there're another 4 malaysians in the lab, all are phd student. saya is the only a programmer cabuk saja huhuhu. now i spend more time from bay to bay visiting new friends, also borak kosong with my teammates. sounds more like myself eh, borak dan borak dan borak.. dan borak dan borak..

the first 2 days of this week i worked from home, since o.h was away on his matters. monday started quite good, i managed to install groovy plugins in eclipse, finally. how long has it been i abandoned the installation stuffs since it brought me nothing but failures and problems. plugins, checked. and then when i run the program, it went smooth and gave me all the joy could bring. although i had to juggle between work and aaqilah, i was quite satisfied chewah. kejap-kejap nak peesh la, nak poo la, nak makan la, nak masak laa. by the end of the day it was like double tiring. unlike monday, tuesday was really slow, cold, lazy and sleepy. by today, i think i understand better. ok laa tu kan..

at the moment the team consists of 4 members, and 2 more are coming in july, if i'm not mistaken. mostly here are phd students, and then postdoctoral research staffs and technical staffs. coming from industry into an educational institution, there must be differences in working environment, job scope etc etc. here is much more open and flexible and i am very grateful working with nice and considerate managers all this while. sometimes it can be very quiet in the lab, but most of the time it is very lively and i don't mind that.

i would say that working here gives me much more experiences and exposures particularly in programming, something that i've been avoiding haha. tadelah aku apa orang kasi sumer belasah saja. like i've always said to people, "walaupon aku ni tadelah power mana tapi setakat berlakon dengan lebih convincing tu aku rasa boleh kut" =)

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  1. buat buat terrer tu mmg dah jadi makanan aku. bile la nak jadi betul2 ni ye.

  2. rat, sket-sket..kalu dah jadi makanan, lama-lama digested dan ko pon jadi power gak


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