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Monday, February 11, 2008

one of my passions is photography. i know it's kinda trendy nowadays and with the help of digital technology and availability of digi cam, everybody can take photos easily.

i started playing with camera since sekolah rendah due to the esposure from family. could'nt helped myself from getting nosy when seeing people taking pictures, i didn't want to be in the photo but the one who hold the camera. aku selalu rasa, i look hideous in the photo (sampai le sekarang) and the one who's taking photos is much way cooler hehehe in fact, i did asked for a camera if i scored all a's during my upsr.

ada orang tanya, sebab aaqilah ke kiterang beli kamera or sebab suka amik gamba. we looked at each other because from my part, i would never expect to get such a question. yela, obviously aaqilah is one of main parts why we spent on cameras. sayang kan bila travel tade kamera. atau bila ada menda menarik untuk dishare bersama.

even the hubby is so into photography sekarang. his ebay list was mainly on shoes is now abruptly getting replaced with lenses. aku rasa dia pon technically better sebab rajin mengkaji itu dan ini. aku plak malas huhuhu but we'll see..

from a photo it tells many stories =)

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