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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

uh lapanya. pagi-pagi selalu masalah gini, lapaaa

setelah checked menu it seems ada macam-macam kat cafe so i headed to cafe to buy myself good to eat. tetapi malangnya, nampak cam tade pape je. i went back and forth looking at the food they had, hmmm tade yg bole dimakan. makcik cashier tu perati je. and finally with guts i asked if they have hash brown today. dia pon explained, hari jumaat memang derang serve macam-macam as in full breakfast set, sebab derang ni suka proper breakfast, lepak-lepak n chill. but why only on friday, why??? aku rasa aku tau kenapa hari jumaat je ada

so eurest cafe this is what i'd love to propose. please sell hash brown everyday at least if you can't have what half on the friday. in stead of only bacon and sausages, how about adding fried bread and baked bean and hash brown. let's call it breakfast set only for 99p which you can get cup of coffee or tea + 2 or 3 watever of your choice. (sebenanya ni cafe uni punya breakfast style hehehe) please consider please please please (aku tau kalu mintak nasi lemak, roti canai, bihun goreng mesti tak dapat punya)

jadi apa aku dapat? one piece yucky choc cake (80p, wat you'd expect??) from vending machine and kopi laa apa lagi

memang benci btul bila lapa dan aku tak bawak bekal dan kena betahan at least sampai 11.30 dan kena depends only on hot drinks.

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