kopi dan pisang

Monday, September 03, 2007

Coffee and tv,errr nope, it's a coffee and pisang or ba-naa-na

This morning I was kinda in a hurry, didn't manage for a few bread toasting (i luv bread with kaya and butter,cam kedai mamak wa cakap lu)so I just grabbed 2 bananas on my way out.Since today I'm gonna ask another half day leave,so 2 bananas should be more than suffice..

Well,here I am in front of the PC,having some peaceful time all to myself,enjoying banana and cups of coffee.This is my second cup actually and it's not 9 yet.Working boosts the level of caffeine consumption,largely thanks to the coffee with cream. Pretty sure that within the next half an hour will see me rushing to the toilet hehehehe

When I got stucked,I tend to get sleepy.Here coffee helps.When I get cold(dem the air-conditioning),coffee helps too.When I was barely concious during meeting,make sure that coffee is around available.

The bestest coffee ever,nenek's coffee dicicah dengan beskut arab.. manyak syiok!!

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