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Thursday, November 12, 2009

since the last 2 months (nearly) of the non-availability of wireless connection, it seems to the end of me twittering. actually, i don't really twittering much. it's quite a hassle at first to login and twitter until i discovered the one touch button. i started to enjoy updating my twitter whenever i was in my home area particularly or in the lab.

hey, i am no celebrity, no need to twitter every seconds hahaha

i guess the list below is some of some that i wanna twitter about, from time to time..

  • mengada tak aku kalu takmo gi interview?
  • i want the super-rich easy making job huhu
  • saya malas.. malas.. malas..
  • di manakah soto paling sedap pada anda? suggestions please..
  • dear friends, mari melepak =)
  • ..

obviously the best thing about twitter is that you don't have to come up with decent entries like blogs. for some people who enjoy story-telling or information/photos sharing then blogging is a better choice. for myself, i like both depends on my enthusiasm and of course internet connection. so people, please apologize for not being able to update my tiny section of  twitty too..

anyone, can you please let me know if you twitter.. it's time to have more contacts heheh ;) many thanks

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  1. alahai cik misha...
    aku x involve lg laa twitter2 nie..hehehe..x terbuka hati lagi nih..baru blog jer dulu ;)

    yg ko tanya bab soto tu...ko dh cuba belum tempat yg aku suggest tu..kat jabatan pertanian..kat UPM tu...sedap siott....gulp...gulp...terliur aku!!!

  2. cik durra,

    aku belum rasa soto tu lagi, aku tanya otai upm pon tak sure.apa laaa..

    apa nama gerai/kedai chek? at least senang sikit nak jumpa. dan juga kedai nasi lemak sedap hehehehe

    tq tq


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