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Monday, August 10, 2009

it's 37 weeks + 3 days and still counting..

i have another appointment with midwife this coming wednesday. in aaqilah's case, it's the day that i supposed to meet midwife but instead they got informed by the hospital. i can't tell this time, up until today i feel fine, alhamdulillah. baby is fine and active too, i presume from the movements, kicking and jumping. and as i have mentioned repeatedly before, the second pregnancy of mine is somewhat different from aaqilah.

my temper went horribly wrong, experiencing morning sickness during the first 2-3 months was a new one for me, my overall diet was quite good i think, i put on much more weights even i hardly believe that and i am easily annoyed and such an annoying bi*ch all at the same time ;) also having back discomfort probably since last 1-2 months, foot cramps a couple of times (sangat sakit rupanya) and slight dizziness as a sign that i should eat instantly. normal le tu kan perempuan mengandung ye tak hihihi..

the best suited nickname - maa aaqilah is mrs typhoon

btw, just realized i couldn't fit into my normal 36 shoe size. guess my feet became swollen a bit from the pregnancy, but the sandal is so comel, wat the heck.. kena kerja keras untuk back into shape nih haish..

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