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Friday, April 17, 2009

finally after 3 months and a half of waiting, we got back our passport. very little yeay..

yesterday i got an email from my boss in uni which triggered today's event. he was asking how i was doing and inquiring whether i am still interested with the job. i was a bit down at first, possibly the way i comprehend the email. o.h's respond then cheered me up a little bit and later he made efforts to contact home office and student union.

what we got from home office was beyond our expectation. they told us that they've already sent some packages to the uni like end of march and ours should be within that too, it's just that they weren't sure who's whose. then o.h contacted student union in uni and has been told that they've already had ours, but the reason we weren't informed is because the id cards are not with the passports. i called my friend whom was anxiously in waiting too, after a few minutes i was told that hers all available, passport and id. good for her but crap for us.

we went back and forth of going or not going to the uni to confront people from student union. nowadays the id card contains all the information about visa, not in the passport as previously. so there's no need to collect passport instantly if there's no id card since all i need is the visa info to settle my contract. at last we went to the student union too to test our lucks. fingers crossed.. amin

by the way, i got informed by a friend that the office has moved to another building. oh this's a news to us. after a while we managed to locate the new office and o.h met with the officer while aaqilah kept running inside the office and collecting as many pamphlets and brochures as she could hold. the officer came back with our package supposed containing our passports but then he told us that they actually had our id cards. quite puzzled eh. we decided to collect the ids first then came back for passport later. at least now i can proceed with my pending matter.

i emailed the school admin but she's out of the office until next monday. so we headed to city centre before went home around 4. o.h checked his emails and was surprised when student union emailed him regarding our passport. they indeed have both our passports and ids but someone put in a different safe. i think they had to move office before the easter break and soon somebody forgot to notify the others.

should they inform us at the end of last month, things would be different unlike today. i guess now i'll be getting my first month's pay, and possibly we could have traveled across the sea.

i don't know, should i be thankful or be mad
"they've no idea what they've put us tru.." o.h

ID card aaqilah, originally uploaded by hasniza.

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  1. itu muka aaqilah ke muka mama diaa..eekekekke...

  2. tak sempat sikat ker rambut aaqillah tuh hehe, ikat ler

  3. auntie shah,itu muka sayalah, aaqilah

    rambutnya memang gitu, halus sangat sampai mengerbang.. err dia tak bape suka ikat rambut

  4. sedapnya nama anak ko has..


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