Tribute to Wien (and Danube)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

_DSC8525, originally uploaded by whitecokelat.

_DSC8691, originally uploaded by whitecokelat.

Danube so blue, so bright and blue,
through vale and field you flow so calm,
our Vienna greets you, you silver stream
through all the lands you merry the heart
with your beautiful shores.

Far from the Black Forest
you hurry to the sea
giving your blessing to everything.
Eastward you flow,
welcoming your brothers,
A picture of peace for all time!
Old castles looking down from high,
greet you smiling from their steep
and craggy hilltops,
and the mountains' vistas
mirror in your dancing waves.

The mermaids from the riverbed,
whispering as you flow by,
are heard by everything
under the blue sky above.
The noise of your passing
is a song from old times
and with the brightest sounds
your song leads you ever on.

Stop your tides at Vienna,
it loves you so much!
Whenever you might look
you will find nowhere like Vienna!
Here pours a full chest
the charms of happy wishes,
and heartfelt German wishes
are flown away on your waters.

a waltz by Johann Strauss II, 1867

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  1. when looking at the piccies, teringat lagu ape tau.. "keluarga bahagia" kumpulan saujana!! hehehe


  2. camne lagu tu?lupa plak aku,tetiba aku teringat,
    ..selama ini,ku mencari-cari,teman yang sejati,....
    ahahahaa eh tu brothers adoii

  3. entah aku ingat chorus dia je pun.. "keluarga bahgiaa aaaaaaaaa.."

  4. Jaaa...handbag mu sgt cantik!! saya suka!!

  5. ye ke?hehehehe terima kaseh,saya juga sangat sukaa!!


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