hari pindah

Friday, September 19, 2008

have i ever mentioned that we're moving, again (ikut intonasi monica baru klaka ekekeke)

if i did, hence this entry is like another repeat but wth haha. yes, in 3 three years we've been moving around and this is the 4th house and the 3rd move. penat memang penat.

dengan kereknya hall management from uni sent us a letter with list of instructions need to be followed by the time we move out. among that i could recall is we need to hand over the keys to somebody who'll come to pick up around 9 something. by 10 the house should be like when we first moved in. maka we got to repaint some side of the walls, aaqilah already showed us her artistic talent there.

i'll try to upload some pics of the new flat later


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