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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

last friday's night, i had the opportunity to accompany o.h to um's dinner occasion. he received an award for his phd from raja muda perak, as he managed to finish in less than four years.

i managed to catch a glimpse of sultan perak and raja muda perak. very tall, very fair ;)

food wise, it's not something that i am into and i wasn't being offensive here. it's a chinese style dinner, they served the lauk first and finally the nasi goreng arrived. let's put aside the chinese style cooking, the taste wasn't at the level as i hoped. dalam simple bahasa melayu, tak bes sangat la.. i drank less as it's tea on the menu, okla you can actually ask for plain water. except for wedding receptions, it seems like whenever i went for official dinner at hotel it's chinese dinner that they normally serve.

Chinese style soup, the sticky consistency but tastes quite nice to my surprise. 

hope that we could be back next year and many more years to come. if that the case, then i can come up with the II, III and beyond =)

the top recipient of the night bagged himself up to 30k ++. phew..

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