kenapa susah sangat?

Monday, July 05, 2010

in my personal opinion, looking for jobs in malaysia is way harder, and i don't even started on the interview processes yet.

since the first interview i went last year, they're all like hell.

first interview. the technical person was oversea and we did the interview via teleconferencing. the guy bombarded me with all the technical questions, i didn't know if i was supposed to feel relieved that we're not doing this face to face or feel bad at my performance. the 2 hr people before me seemed sorry looking at how painful it was. or, maybe they felt that it's a big mistake shorlisting this phony, mana tau huhuhu

this is what i discovered, if you're applying for developer jobs, a test is mandatory. last week alone i had to sit for 2 java tests. seriously, macam nak amek periksa. the first one was like, whooooo a 2 ++ hours test. a lot of terminology that i can't remember. i still remember the person from that company told me, ok this test is supposed to be difficult. yeah, he's right.

the other one was a lot easier. no 1, objectives kinda questions. boleh main tembak je. no 2, 100% amek dari buku periksa mana aku tatau. i think i scored quite high, that's what they told me.

back when i was looking for jobs in uk, i didn't attend many interviews (i didn't get many as well). the interview was more like chit chatting session. i did not feel the pressure to study hard, it's more on  stuffs that i hope to feed in during conversations. there's a test once, but it's more on hands-on thingy rather than paper based exams. my manager told me once, what he's looking for apart from skills and abilities is the personality and your attitude. i guess i got good attitude and personality then ;)

i'm going to give myself up until end of this year to get a really really good job. alas, adieu it corporate world..

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