the second part of chemo story

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

after a week break from the hospital routine, mak is hospitalized again for her second chemo procedure.

the funny story, before she went home the doctor repeatedly mentioned to her about 21. so she thought she'll start the 2nd chemo on the 21.6, but actually 21 means 21 days from the first day she had her first chemo. plus minus, what they meant is this week.

yesterday, she's doing fine and was falling asleep when we went home before 8 pm. i guess she needs that for her 'gruelling' treatment today. only those who have been through can only share the same experience.

our prayers are with you..

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  1. ooo yer ker, ayah saya hari tuh kata nya gap 3 minggu, tapi hari tuh 1 minggu jer gap untuk 2nd chemo, 10.6 nih 3rd chemo. Memang pancit and sakit cik misha, sian, malam tak boleh tido, tapi rambut ayah saya dah start gugur, sabar yer, sama-sama laa kita doa

  2. cepat ye ayah awk buat, badan dia mesti kuat tu.. mak kita dlm masa yang sama ulcer perut teruk, tak larat nak makan itu hari..
    cepat sembuh,amin..

  3. pray to both of u..mudah2an segalanya kembali ke asal..amiin

  4. ha'ah bapak saya kuat, tuh pasal doktor suggest maximum, pasal yg minimum tuh selalu nya tumbang gak, bapak saya so far ok laa, cuma malam dia mengerang sakit, sama-sama laa yer, amin


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