lame entry

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my current weaknesses, which are very hard for me to say no. knees are weak, arms are heavy.

  • tudung
  • skincare
  • food

since i can't spend anymore on handbags, i don't feel like spending on new clothes/jeans/shoes then i guess it's quite ok. ok, there's one item that i'm dying for but can't afford right now. i am quite desperate to get the replacement.

if i bought something lavish, it feels very satisfying and extemely happy. gradually those good feelings turns quite ugly. regret and guilty.

oklah, aku sendiri tak paham apa aku tulis ni. dah 2-3 hari ni dok stuck je huhu.. saja nak ada entri ;) you gotta finish what you've started right right

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