one more week

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's nearly a month now that we're disconnected from outside and the rest of the world. ish cam teruk je bunyinya. i guess that's somehow i felt when we have no broadband connection at home. no broadband means no internet. no internet is similar to frogs trapped underneath coconut shell situation muahahaha nampaknya aku nih dah jadi teknology dependant juga??

i miss uploading photos eventho i was always had many excuses to delay when i had the connection. i hate to admit i miss facebook, a lot. i miss viewing my own blog and others, google reader u can only read without the pleasure to the eyes. i miss handbags browsing altho it's very unlikely to spend on them. i miss resepi hunting. on top of that, i miss girl, err no ladies-chatting-gossiping-mengumpats with my fellow ladies. i too miss some illegal dls huhuhu i miss sport updates

i've just been informed that the broadband will be resumed next week. another week huh. should get my money refunded nih for one month not using their service. 

one more week tralalala

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