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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i am left puzzled.

just got a call from uni of southampton (if i'm not mistaken) saying that there's an interview i need to attend next week (if i'm not mistaken again).

my mind was busy racing and locating what and when i applied for jobs in uni. probably i did sent the application. but wait, job apa?? 

a few minutes after the call and i've calmed myself, better to think and remember stuffs when it's less complicated. the caller i think should introduce herself more proper and she didn't even ask for me in the first place. aaa sebab itu juga aku ingat the interview is for the hubby since the call was from uni kan kan. or probably my blankness prompted her to be puzzled as well. amik laa dua-dua dah kosong. 

let's hope now that i wasn't dreaming and that interview is for real.

in that case, it's gonna be my first interview after nearly one year and a half. the last i went was for the job i'm currenly at. doa aku banyak-banyak that they'll love me and i get the job.

tapi job apa????


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  1. last time aku kene intvw was 3 years ago.

    aku rase aku pn kene cari intvw tuh. if not skill nak control nerveousness aku yg ade sket ni pun akan lesap.

    tapi kalau self confidence tinggi, nervous akan jadi less.jadi kene push up self cofidence lah.

    ahh 2-2 pun aku mls.

  2. ko ok rat, working environment ko adalah kena berdepan & bercakap dgn orang..

    aku ni lagi out..hari2 ngadap pc je, sahih sudah berkaratsss

  3. aku malas inteview nih tapi camne nak keje huhuhu
    yg lawaknya aku dah pegi salah hari,menci ah =(

  4. erkkk?? kak?? how come?? bile sebena2nye?


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