paris, je t'aime

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

this trip was planned less than 2 weeks, with the cheapest tickets and accomodations we managed to get. actually it's the hubby who managed to grab these last minit deals. aiyo rasa nak pecah kepala aku mencarinya.

with the cheapest tiket we arrived at paris in the morning of Bastille day or Fete National or French National day. Yang tak best, banyak bas services off. The best part was we got the free entrance to Musee du Louvre. When we're so kindhearted to pay Euro9 and it's such a mini celebration when we're told it's free. ye, visitors memang ramai sangat tapi tak payah queue nak beli tiket ok dah tu. louvre now can be crossed off my list.

ada apa dengan louvre?
the home to priceless-famous-ori paintings, sculptures, historic monuments and a national symbol. the femes glass pyramid is located at the centre of the museum and is easily recognizable. like everyone else, we also wished to see da vinci's monalisa and it's quite arduous walk to get to it's exhibition hall. adoii, naik tangga turun tangga dan louvre ni bapakla enormous. my parents were slowly trailing us from behind while at the same time we'd to deal with the hyperactive aaqilah as she's so amused with stairs. tak mainla laa pegang-pegang saya punya tangan. banyak nude patung. banyak kristian-influenced paintings. pening kepala dan mata huhuhu. islamic exhibitions is coming in 2009. if i had more time i wish i could see all.
hint: it's free on bastille day, close every tuesday

world's femes monalisa, how can i sneak to the front row?

the other best thing

who would like to have a cup of mint tea in the heart of paris, to be precise at the mosque of paris's cafe? i do!
completed in 1920s, nowadays it's more like an exhibition place where people can come freely. still, there's a forbidden area for non-muslims where people perform solat. we met a mesian couple here and gave us a very suprising info, kfc in france are halal. terus aku telupa niat nak minum tea. if you've a little doubt about the halalness, just ask and they are happy to show the halal cert. can't believe that i also miss kfc a lot.

what else

paris' la vallee outlet is surprisingly more expensive than bicester village. minus 1 point. most of things in paris are more expensive than uk, another point deducted. french language susah =(. paris is awesomely beautiful, strongly agreed. toilets are not really convinient dan mahal giler dan hancengs di metro station dan pedestrian walk, potong lagi. me craves for french pastries, sedapnya. i've read somewhere that there're many flea markets in paris but not even one i could find. end of june to early august is a summer sale season in paris, i think it's the best time to shopping spree especially if you're hunting for haute couture. i think living in paris is quite gud idea kekekeke berangan mode. with open arms i welcome another trip to other part in france =)

orang kata tak kenal maka tak cinta. tho love is a too strong word to use here, i think for the second time finally paris got me. merci beaucoup..

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  1. pala aku pun cam nak pecah jeles beb..



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