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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

job hunting mode. the hubby's been so encouraging and suggested to find a new job. it'd be better if i could land a permanent job. more secure and at least we are now most definately gonna stay here for another few years.

this one friendly pakcik engineer bid farewell last monday. as usual i greeted morning to him and then suddenly he replied bye-bye. i was quite suprised. seeing me puzzled he then explained it was his last day. after that i saw him busy packing his stuffs. i guess i should give a go at new job. who knows wat will i get. maybe like winning a lottery or plain jane. rezeki Allah sapa yang tahu..

the same afternoon we went to view 2 apartments in the city centre area. to be precise both are close to ocean village/townquay/tepi laut. new buildings with modern equipments and design. tadela besa sangat tapi nice-nice laa kata orang. 2 first things that normally catch my eyes, kitchen and bathroom. by the way, normally houses here are equipped with almost complete kitchen such as stove or electrical hobs, fridge, oven, washing machine + dryer even if they're advertised as unfurnished. and if you're lucky enuff you might get dishwasher as well. if you have extra budjet, get a dryer. conviniently speaking worth to buy for career lady/housewives and musim hujan.

not until september since we are under contract with uni.

or we might have to move somewhere else..

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