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Thursday, July 10, 2008

wenever i mention about i should do more exercise, i usually get popular responds like bukan ko kurus or something like nak kurus lagi ke?

playing sports or going to the gym or exercise is basically you lead a healthy lifestyle. getting slimmer is not attainable with exercising alone. a healthy, well-balanced diet with self dicipline plus exercise will help you tru that. liposuction is another more extreme method to get an instant result. or a broken heart will do that as well.

the mentality should be changed first. we should be more encouraging those who wish to exercise more. i think dat includes myself too la. besides of healty lifestyles, u'll be more productive, more fit, more positive and got nice figure as the end result. if you can't be slim as u hope, at least u are healthy and glowing.

some articles that i've read before was about how healthy do u think skinny people are. some skinny people are suffering from high cholesterol or high blood pressure. doesn't mean if u're skinny outside that u're skinny inside. the fat inside your body most likely to gather around your vital organs if they're not going underneath your skin. lemak-lemak itu yang menyelimuti jantung atau hati atau buah pinggang anda adalah tidak mustahil untuk dinyahkan dengan senaman.

btw, i used to give a speech about any topic in my english class during diploma (rasanya la) which was something i forgot until the class started. i only came up with this topic instantly and managed to impress only with the beginning part. the rest was a total disaster.

mari bersenam!!

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  1. eh.
    aku ingat english assigment kao tu.
    kenit buat pasal boy band.
    kao buat pasal gemuk.

    tapi betul la
    aku pun nak diet jugak
    kurus tak semestinya sihat.

  2. aku gemuk dan tak sehat! x(

  3. titi->hahaha ko igt eh,ko buat linux ke?diet ke titi, kasi jogging satu dua round umah ko dulu aaaa
    aku lerr->gemuk mengundang penyakit huhu rajin-rajin laa bejalan kaki

  4. cis.
    ingat aku jer, ingat linux.
    sungguh sterotype.
    aku pun lupa aku buat apa..


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