sweet sweet dreams

Thursday, July 03, 2008

is it true; daydreamers are always left behind when the realists seize every opportunity in front?

personally i think daydreaming in a positive sense can be turned into hopes and goals. hopes push you to work things out in order to achieve something which at the beginning only part of dreams. dreams make life sweeter and merrier. dreams enhance your creativity. my mak always said, "mimpi tak perlu duit" fair enuff

speaking of dreams, who doesn't have even one? it's becoz we don't have everything, we only own something or little things. i just managed not to fall asleep from chatting with a dear sis. we talked a lot about dreams and daydreaming. fun eh hehehehee kalu tak agaknya dah klua air liur basi atas meja eeiiiii

i dream of mini cooper or one series. i dream of many designer handbags. i dream of tiffany&co. i dream of a day visit to spa. i dream of holiday trips. i dream of scuba diving. i dream of watching futbal live at the stadio delle alpi or san siro. i dream of a nice home at bukit jelutong. i dream of krispy kreme (ni bole makan sat lagi hehe). i dream of french open or wimbledon. i dream of bungee jumping. i dream of owning a cafe. i dream of jeannie who grants watever i dream for ahahahaha

you can dream about anything and almost everything. go ahead and try about 5 minits and it reduces your blood pressure, probably ahahahaahaaa. it's similar to playing sims when you cheat everything. sure bosan aaa sapa main sims camtu. what makes it challenging and exciting is how you turn your dream into goal(s) and go for it

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  1. I dream of finding the one, the right one, or at least he thinks im the right one for him. I dream of getting married and living in a nice house with a white picket fence and yes, with a mini cooper (at least) nicely parked at the porch, two kids (but the more the merrier!) and a Persian cat with with super white fur. I dream of having a nice, pleasant and stress-free vacation on an island with the Mraz' tune playing at the background. I dream of gems, designer handbags, clothes, shoes, and everything nice. Ahh theres so much to dream about and 5 mins are not enough! gimme another 5 mins, will ya? =(

    Hi, im apple. And yes i do love Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. =) May our dreams come true, one sweet day.

  2. hi apple,

    Sweet dreams are made of these.
    Who am I to disagree?
    Travel the world and the seven seas.
    Everybody's looking for something.

    cheers =)


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