Lil red riding hood

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my recent puchase made not only myself but the hubby as well fell silent afterwards. i've been dreaming this day and nite, even in my sleeps. perh, teruknya akibat..

not handbags, not a pair of gorjes kasut, not baju. it's tadaaaa

come to mommie lil red riding hood

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  1. waaaa, dah dapat kitchen aid dia. dah test belum? jgn lupa jemput kitaorg rasa the 1st batch cake yer :)

  2. blom dapat lagi.hati tgh bunga2 hehehe.tak lupa punya insyaAllah

  3. turpentine chaserFri Jan 18, 11:52:00 AM

    sematttt!!!!!!!!!!!! i want one tooo!

  4. tq for dropping by.lil red ada byk lagi adik beradik yg variety color dia mmg tangkap leleh..kawaii


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