happy friday

Friday, January 04, 2008

i always always luv friday. simply becos friday ialah my source of relief

selalunya aku kerja half day friday, so that the hubby can go to his friday prayer at ease. takyah lah dia bawak aaqilah gi semayang (aaqilah tags along almost everywhere, lab, kedai, bank). kalu dah kerja half day petangnya bole besenang-senang dengan aaqilah atau groceries shopping atau window shopping.

the bonus of all bonuses, jumaat hari penuh keberkatan dan kemuliaan.

ain't that hard to live alone
ain't that far to be from home
cause gravity can never pull me down
calculate the days I've spent proscinating
God knows when
grow in silence feverish or flu
and again it's me and myself and I
fall on me
stand aside trying to keep my cool
stand in line feeling like a fool
it's getting late now get back in your bed
then remembered a what my daddy said
what' cha gonna be
and again it's me and myself and I.....
stay with me

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