natalia goes kemboja

Sunday, October 24, 2010

alhamdulillah, natalia's part is going to kemboja or internationally known as cambodia (oh many thanks to ms anonymous hehe)

there's a kenduri during aaqilah, so a suggestion from family to send natalia's aqiqah to kemboja. it's for a good cause of course, as i've been told that it's such a privilege and a luxurious treat for the poor muslims there to have meats once in a while. yang penting, bahagian aqiqah akhirnya dapat dilaksanakan =)

so friends, you are cordially invited to the kenduri doa selamat/aqiqah at my parents house in semenyih on 30th october 2010 (this coming saturday) from 12 pm onwards. the kenduri aqiqah is actually for baby zara, my brother's newborn daughter and natalia too. not forgetting the doa selamat for my mom and family's brighter future, insyaAllah..

add: 69 jalan tts 4 taman tasik semenyih, semenyih
date: 30.10.2010

mark your calendar yeah =)

if you're interested to participate, here is the details of the ProgramKorban & Aqiqah Kemboja

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