flats freak

Friday, October 01, 2010

hats off to those who can bare high heels for the whole day. i'm all about flats.

i only put on my 2-inch heels(kut) for less than 4 hours and it's a killing experience. i wasn't sure what went wrong. was it because i ran on high heels or blame it on the way i walk. yeah, high heel is very stylish but slippers are much more comforting.

let it be. i'm proudly embraced my shortness and i'll flaunt it with a pair of flats.

yang penting, jalan dengan penuh kegembiraan dan tak sakit kaki ;)

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  1. babe, dah dpt keje ke? high heels tu ;) thats why aku prefer wedges..mmg comfy..

  2. baru interview. bukan stiletto, kasut kerja je. aku tak berani pakai heels yang runcing tu huhu

  3. fuhh, klu hat runcing tu..sure ko berjalan ala model ;) interview mana? gomen ke swasta?


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