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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i've missed a blog entry on my birthday.

we just moved to bandar kinrara last 2 sundays. if you guys happen to be somewhere within the radius, feel free to stop by. but please call first otherwise no one will entertain you at home hehehe..

does anyone know where to get the best mamak/thai/eating place in kinrara/puchong area? no, i'm still planning to cook as many times as i could but to get something slightly taste different once in a while. even i can't stand my own cooking sekali-sekala, it tastes almost the same. it's like when you eat nasi kedai almost everyday and all of a sudden, one day you feel like you can't take it anymore.

however, due to our current circumstances, the house is not ready yet. hopefully everything's gonna be fine before the weekend.

wow i turned 30 last week.

and again, million thanks for the bday wishes that makes u guys the sweetest people in the world. saya sangat terharu..

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  1. i stay near bdr kinrara too. weh misha, ko dgn kenit dah blik msia ke?


  2. lama balik dah, since raya last year. kiterang bk9, ko?

  3. serious..jiran tp x penah jumpa.aku kat puj 7 weh.


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