when she bisness

Friday, May 02, 2008

the temptation is there, yet i'm not gutsy enuff. financially speaking, so-so.

we did some bisness previously but stopped since. the hubby came up initially with idea to sell shoes to close frends. it's not that i didn't share the same vision but i always think that you'd get almost everything in mesia. after the conversion, it ain't cheap as i hope so i just kept the idea to myself.

it's fun but not really profitable. it's more like helping others than doing bisness. we love helping people but at the same time it should helps us too. help you, help me, help you, help me..

why hesitation always on my side? i've seen many blogs/photoblogs/websites in this e-business world but only a few emerge prominently. those who the originators always survive. those who follow footsteps without proper planning and clever cute tricks are more likely to no avail.

the bigger risk you're willing to take shall return more as well, either triumphs or disasters. altho our bisness is always in a very small scale and it's only a part time thingy, we realize this could make good money if we know how the system works well.

my thoughts on how to survive in business and good money (kalu salah jgn marah hehe):
1. do follow trends but be one of a kind.
2. price must be reasonable and competitive.
3. good customer service and PR.
4. make both parties happy
5. satisfaction guaranteed hehehe
6. make sure it's hard to get in kl. if not must be hell-cheaper

tak caya tanya our the very loyal customers heheeheh always pleasure doing bisnes with u yaa

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  1. yeah.
    gua support lu.
    kalo lu nak parking website lu kat domain gua.
    cakap jer
    nanti gua boleh letakkan
    takde hal
    gua fully support. 100% support.
    PS. gua baru tengok cerita anak lu dengan morpheus kat astro (akelah and the bee)


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