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Monday, June 09, 2008

almost certain that we're moving out of uni house.

the contract's gonna end in september and we've been offered a uni house informally few months ago. besar oo, 2 tingkat with 3 bedrooms. frens of ours who live there said that the rental they're paying not more than 600 hundreds. of course we thought it's brilliant.

jadi formal offer pon sampai bebaru ni. beyond our expectation house rental alone went up to 750 per month exluding all the bills. huish tak larat tuu.

the hubby came up with 2 plans.

PLAN A carik rumah in southampton macam biasa. he finishes his study and if we're not going back yet we move to other place later depends on where we gonna work.

PLAN B he suggested that i start looking for permanent job and we'll be moving depends on where i work. miaw miaw

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