french toast

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

i love pancake so much that i used to show off my cooking and photography experiment a few years ago about pancake. probably since i was overseas, i got affected with the breakfast they serve although uk is not the pancake heaven, if not mistaken :) once we got back, why bother with pancakes when you can get the best of malaysian here. hello nasi lemak, selamat pagi roti canai. oh pewitt soto, slurppp slurpp teh ais

anyway, once in a while i still wanted to have out of breakfast ordinary. not so long ago i've tasted one of the best serves of french toast at plan b. i even ordered it during lunch time once just because i couldn't find something appealing on the menu (that's only me i guess). i got frustrated when i knew they serve it until 6pm daily.

but what's up with french toast all of a sudden. aaqilah used to request for sticky bun french toast after watching it on tv. since i love french toast hence why not as it's quite easy to make. during my first attempt i only served with icing sugar.

getting better at becoming french toast master is the goal for now hehehehe

that caramelised banana, i made them myself. there's maple syrup and vanilla ice cream, next time i'll make sure we gonna have whip cream instead of ice cream. kids only attracted to ice cream, aiseh..

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