How time flies

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Aaqilah's first day at new school. I was worried before because she's never been alone in a new environment setting since she went to kindergarden with her cousin. Alhamdulillah, she adjusted well and seems to love the school. Even maa and ayah need to readjust to her new time table =) 

During her first week starting school. FYI this is her first time being sent away to a place totally strange to her. Proud of you Natalia for adjustting yourself within the first 2 weeks, yeayy!! It's like a rollercoaster ride with Natalia and school and I think she quite enjoys herself there.

Aaqilah has started her swimming lesson this year, haaa this pic is not so related. If I could, I wanted to send them to many kind of classes but I guess that can be quite ambitious for parents. If you ask o.h, he'll simply reply, let them kid be kids. Ok one class at a time and it fits Aaqilah and her adventurous nature. Unlike Aaqilah, Natalia tu takut air la. 

The most recent photo of us during a wedding trip in Kuantan. Look at the kids now, how time flies and growing up before your eyes makes me realise that us too have grown up a lot since their arrivals. Being parents teaches me a lot and there's still so many things to learn at the same time. I used to think that we started quite early (being parents at 26 was quite challenging hehe), but looking back at the journey we started nearly 8 years ago is such a humbling and grateful feelings. Seriously when I told o.h I wanted to get married at 25, I simply said without much considerations although I thought the idea is awesome. There and then I got the wish granted ;)

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