Berlin Teil 1

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hallo Berlin 2012

Getting close to Berlin

Berlin's view from my window seat.

Berlin - the river

Tenang sayup mata memandang, mungkinkah ini River Spree?

Somewhere in Berlin

The tram, public transportation here is very convenient and reliable. I've grown fond of trams as stations are nearer and one of the easiest way to enjoy city rides.If you travel in a group (max 5 people), buy a daily group pass. Once bought, don't forget to get the ticket validated at the machine in trams or near subways.

Octoberfest soon

In Alexanderplatz, one of the biggest and most happening squares in the city centre. The famous Octoberfest was due to start on the eve of October. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side, hardly any big fluffy clouds appeared.


They're getting ready for Octoberfest. Souvenirs aren't as cheap as we hoped, but many interesting stuffs that caught your eyes and drew your big fat wallet out haha


Aww, weren't they lovelies?

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